• Heidi Kirby

Music to my Ears

If you're looking to provide music for your elearning modules, training videos, podcasts, etc., you will want to make sure that you respect copyright rules! There would be nothing worse for a new ID than to be slapped with a lawsuit or to have the company you represent sued for infringement. 

Unfortunately, there are many sites out there that offer royalty-free music, but royalty-free does not mean free. It just means that the license can be yours for a flat fee. Creative Commons (CC) licensed music can be harder to come by, but here are some good examples! 

The Free Music Archive ( not only explains the different CC licenses very well, but they also have a wide variety of music to choose from. They even have a handy chart  that will break down each CC code so that you know exactly what to look for and how you can use each track. 

At , you can find numerous music and spoken audio files for use and remix. With categories that include live music, old time radio, folk, and poetry, there's really something for everyone. Again, you just have to find the CC license symbols for each work before you download. provides free music downloads for non-commercial purposes (all you have to do is provide credit)  and offers the option to purchase licenses for commercial use. Unfortunately, due to some copyright issues with how podcasts are posted to YouTube and other sites, the music may not be used for audio podcasts. However, with 8 genres worth of original music, you can find other uses for these great tunes! 

There are also 100 original tracks at Derek Audette's site . While they are all free, he expects you to provide credit where you can. He also requests that you share with him how you are using the music, that you follow his Facebook page, and that you donate if you are able. It seems a small price to pay for great music. 

So, unless you are a creative musician and can produce background tracks yourself, you'll probably find that you need these sites (or one like them) to help with your training and learning development.

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