BLOC Podcast Logo and Episode

I created the logo for my podcast, the BLOC (Building Learning and Organizational Culture) podcast using PowerPoint. I also plan, record, and edit each episode, adding music, the ad spot, and intro/outro using Squadcast for recording and Audacity for editing. Listen to my episode on building a leadership development framework by selecting the button below.

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile Webinar

I created the content for a webinar presentation designed to help educators transition to the field on instructional design and fully utilize their LinkedIn profile. The presentation contains facilitator notes and was created in Google Slides using a template from the SlidesGo website. View the full presentation by selecting the button below.

Job Descript.png

"What the?!!" Job Descriptions Discussion

Together with training developer and L&D leader, Rubina Halwani, I spoke to the Training, Learning, and Development Community about instructional design job postings. There are so many out there, and we discuss some different red flags to watch out for and questions to ask hiring managers about postings,


Dr. Luke Hobson Podcast: Eps. 12-13 

I was a guest on a two-part series of Dr. Luke Hobson's Instructional Design Podcast, where we spoke about his experience as a higher ed ID and my experience as a corporate ID to help those looking for a job to decide which career path is right for them.

Please note that the above examples represent work I have completed in 2020 that is available to the public. To view more of my instructional design work, please click HERE to request access to a Google folder of proprietary samples I have completed for different organizations. Please state why you are requesting access, whether you are a hiring manager or a fellow instructional designer who would like to see my work.