BLOC Podcast

The BLOC (Building Learning and Organizational Culture) Podcast is a learning and development podcast where Heidi Kirby talks to professionals in the field who are passionate about finding creative, innovative ways to bring learning front and center at their organizations and beyond.

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IDEA Networking Session

IDEA Networking Session: January 2022 -Christy Woods, Heidi Kirby, and Rubina Halwani share their experiences moving from education into the field of instructional design.


TLDC Summer Community Day

Sometimes we want to hide our failures, to sweep them under the rug. However, embracing your failures can not only teach you about yourself but can pave the way for future career success.


Redefine Instruction

This week the spotlight is on Heidi Kirby. Heidi Kirby is a learning solutions manager, VP of Teaching: A Path to L&D, and a Ph.D. candidate in instructional design and technology at Old Dominion University.


Motivated Learning

Motivated Learning is a program created for the education and learning design community to raise awareness of the people and the reasons for quality, professionally produced education training. In this episode, Buddy Broyles interviewed Heidi Kirby of the BLOC Podcast about all things learning development.


CLO Connect

Datatrak’s 4-Step Playbook for Delivering Great Customer Learning Experiences


That's Awesome ID!

Fellow instructional designer and podcaster, Heidi Kirby, joins me to share some pointers on how and why to start an instructional design or L&D podcast.


Dr. Luke Hobson Podcast

On today’s episode, Heidi Kirbyhost of the BLOC podcast, shares her perspectives about being a corporate instructional designer. We break down several topics about being an instructional designer and share our experiences. There isn’t a right or wrong answer here, but this episode will help to steer you in the right direction.

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iDeas Podcast

Heidi share's her insights in her journey towards a PhD in the fields and a range of current L&D topics.


The Overnight Trainer Podcast

Interested in what it takes to transition into L&D leadership for the first time? In today's episode of The Overnight Trainer Podcast L&D Leader Heidi Kirby shares her experience transitioning from higher education, to corporate L&D and then most recently to an L&D leadership position.


Women Talking About Learning

The Podcast One - Have you ever wanted to start a podcast?


Whether you're looking to make a transition into eLearning and instructional design or you already have a well-established career, it's always important to have a strong network and a good mentor. But how can you do that? Well, in this session of The eLearning Designer's Academy Live, Heidi Kirby and Tim Slade discuss and answer questions about networking and finding mentorship in L&D.


I Have Questions About Imposter Syndrome

Join Betty Dannewitz in a conversation where Heidi Kirby, Learning Solutions Manager at Datatrak International, shares how she encounters and copes with Imposter Syndrome.


Share Whatcha Learned

Heidi Kirby shares what she’s been learning about Continuing Education in the L&D space.


"What the?!!" Job Descriptions

In this episode, Rubina Halwani and Heidi Kirby discuss and answer questions about job descriptions and job seeking in L&D.