This is part of a webinar series for the group Teaching: A Path to L&D (TPLD). TPLD helps educators who are looking to grow their career into L&D. I created/curated the content, designed the presentation using a template in Google Slides, and presented the material in front of a live group! 



I created this casual, fun microlearning course to help those I mentored on their instructional design journey using 7taps! It was a runner up for the first-ever 7taps course contest! 

Screenshot 2021-10-04 151943.png

Podcast Branding

I created all the visual branding for my podcast, the Building Learning and Organizational Culture (BLOC) Podcast. The link includes the logo, social media post, and one-page infographic. 

[Original size] BLOC.png

Please note that the above examples represent work I have completed that is available to the public. To view more of my instructional design work, please click HERE to request access to a Google folder of proprietary samples I have completed for different organizations. Please state why you are requesting access, whether you are a hiring manager or a fellow instructional designer who would like to see my work.